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I graduated from Colgate University with an Economics degree in 1965 and from New York University in 1967 with an MBA in finance. After about 20 years in banking, commercial and consumer lending, I went into consulting and speaking. I have had the privilege and honor to present business seminars in most states and several foreign countries.
After many years of hard travel, I have taken life a little easier in Wickenburg, Arizona and consulting with a few companies. I still conduct some seminars for the accounting profession, but try to limit my travel to 15 or so trips per year.
I consider myself to be a life-long learner and often consume several books per week. Why am I blogging? To learn more. I find that as I research to write or speak I learn far more than I ever give out.
My love for Jesus Christ and limited understanding of God has caused me to have a passion for understanding how successful business operates and how those principles equate to how God would have our lives. I know there is a connection, but I am still making discoveries.


fishing, reading, trying to live a life obedient to God, and living a life one day at a time.